We want to have a positive impact on everyone we depend on and for those who depend on us in return.
We understand that, as a business, we have a responsibility to respect human rights as well as our planet!

Our commitments lay in the hands of those people who have the power to change the world. We work with innovators, peace seekers, change makers, friends and families.

We believe that the industry should be equated with fairness, respect and equality.



We support our communities and industries.
We make sure everyone gets a fair wage, is treated with respect, and has good working conditions.
We prioritize the physical and mental well-being of our workers.

We keep a close eye on what’s going on behind the scenes. We know the names of our suppliers, and we can trace all the phases throughout production.

We work only with certified companies that comply with our social and environmental requirements.

If you’re a brand or a designer looking to develop footwear collections, we make sure they have the made-in-Portugal stamp.

We have the sourcing abilities you need to reach the most sustainable and cutting-edge materials.
Let´s talk vegan, bio-based, nature-grown materials, recycled, organic, recycled waste outsoles, the most sustainable industry practices, and low carbon emissions – you name it we find it.

Preserving our environment is our goal. We will always prioritise nature over profit. We believe that the future of the fashion business is circular – it will be restorative and regenerative by design.