Footprime's quality and environment policy

Footprime considers itself a company of excellency that provides outsourcing services in the field of development and monitoring of Footwear production.


We join forces with our customers developing collections and by doing so, we contribute to the success of their business. 


Footprime’s policy is based on pursuing the best quality, continuous improvement, and the best possible environmental performance, with the following principles contributing to this:


Meeting our client’s expectations as a baseline success;


Ensure a relationship with the producing factories guided by the search for product improvement and service provision, based on a solid partnership relationship;


Ensuring the protection of the environment, adopting a principle of pollution prevention, seeking to implement practices that facilitate the control of adverse environmental impacts, highlighting the efficient use of resources;


Encourage improvements in the production plants and their environmental performances;


Submit to the regulations and legislation applicable to the environment and products, as well as compliance with the requirements and standards applicable to the Quality and Environment Management System;


Promote and improve the effectiveness of the Quality and Environment Management System with reference to the NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001 standards.